Thoughts on my favorite software tools

Vim is the excellent cross-platform editor that lets me achieve dhyana(Zen) while programming.

Preparing documents with LaTeX (using Vim of course) similarly lets me concentrate on my task without worrying about the irritating formatting details while composing.

To be quite honest, after I have gotten used to these two tools, I feel cramped and inefficient whenever I have to use a non-modal editor or a WYSIWYG(“What is see is what you get”) editor like Word.

By the way, for those who don’t want to jump in head-first into LaTeX, LaTeXiT is an excellent app for generating image files that can be put inside Word documents, etc.


7 responses to “Thoughts on my favorite software tools

  1. Ok, then start to make your presentation using LaTeX -> quite funny!! Use beamer package

  2. Actually, I have looked into the Beamer package.

  3. Try to compile some examples of the documentation of the package
    use pdftex instead of textify, enjoy !!!

  4. Thanks for the tip. It looks like TeXShop and the associated mac tex tools already use pdftex by default(or I might have configured it a long time ago).

    Let me share a trick I learned. If you ever need to create a handy reference sheet, you can use the minipage environment. Here is simple example:


    This is where we would put whatever we want on the left hand side of
    the page. “[b]” refers to the bottoms of our minipage lining up
    The \verb|{0.45\linewidth}| refers to the width of this page we are
    creating. If we made it more than half the page (i.e. 0.56) it
    would overlap with the other side.

    The article where I got this from is here

  5. Thanks for this tip
    I often write about \LaTeX on my blog

  6. Okay, I’ll check it out sometime.

  7. Yeah, this is very nice. I like to write about telecommunications stuff, and embedding \LaTeX is very useful. thanks!!

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