Using Ruby to skim log files

Say we have a bunch of log files, whose last line is the main thing you care about(you might imagine it has a distinct prefix like “ANSWER”–I know, that’s contrived :p The following code assumes the script is in the same directory as the log files. It gets all the files ending in .txt, opens them, puts the name of the file to the console, and then puts the result line on the console. We could keep appending to a file, but for a “throwaway” script, we can just make do with: ./process.rb > results.txt(OS X, assuming chmod +x process.rb was applied), or ruby results.txt > process.rb (on Windows).

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

file_list =
file_list = Dir[“*.txt“]
file_list.each do |file|,”r“) do|f_object|
print(file.to_s + “ “)
f_object.each_line {|line| puts line if line =~ /ANSWER/ }


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