Exploring the RubyCocoa binding

The RubyCocoa binding is pretty neat(similar to the PyObjC binding, except the PyObjC binding is probably more mature). I was able to add a nice Cocoa GUI to my bioinformatics class very easily(well, I had to install RubyCocoa properly first). Apparently, if you are not using the Apple-supplied version of Ruby, it is better to build the RubyCocoa library from source.

Among other cool features, this gives me easy access to the regular expression library of Ruby(not to mention other easy to use libraries). I am aware of OgreKit and OmniGroup’s regular expression library, but those are a bear to install(well, I suppose OgreKit is not that hard, but Ruby’s style of regular expressions is just so much easier to use).

I will put up guidelines on how to get the RubyCocoa binding working later.


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