Major RubyCocoa update

Very nice update and a new wiki based site for RubyCocoa. Check out the new version. The documentation seems to be better, etc. I’ll be updating my little Regular Expression utility so that potential users don’t have to download RubyCocoa to actually run it. I’ll keep you posted.

It looks like other RubyCocoa programmers can register and contribute to the community through the Wiki on the website.

In other news, BridgeSupport offers a framework for helping create new bridges between language “X” and Cocoa. A nod from Apple to the bridge developers.

(news from Daring Fireball and MacResearch)


2 responses to “Major RubyCocoa update

  1. Thanks for your screencasts and articles about Ruby.

    Can you share your .vimrc file? I’m curious how you achieve the folding that you do with ruby files.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Seth,

    Thanks for the compliments. I will put up my .vimrc file and a post regarding that later tonight.



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