Monthly Archives: July 2007


In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written much recently. I have been swamped with work during the summer. I will hopefully post more frequently starting in the middle of August.


Shrook, a free RSS and Atom reader for OS X

I’ve been using Shrook to efficiently keep track of the ‘blogosphere’. Check it out here. All you have to do to keep track of a new RSS feed, atom feed etc is to find the feed page for the blog and enter the URL after creating a new channel. If you use Firefox you can click the orange bubble in the URL field and this should tell you what the URL for the feed is. For example, the URL for this blog’s feed is:

Here is a screenshot of Shrook on my machine. Click on the thumbnail to get a bigger view.


Is GPS suitable for a future revision of iPhone?

First of all, the iPhone is not meant to be a feature-rich cellphone. I think Apple wants to provide an intuitive and enjoyable interface that would let all kinds of people use most/all of the features inside it.

Having said that, GPS is a cool feature. The important thing, of course, is to keep in mind the power requirements of a GPS chip. The Texas Instruments Navilink 5.0 chip is a GPS chip for GPS and “Assisted GPS”. I think the Navilink 4.0 is currently used inside N95 phones. Adding the GPS chip would not be too problematic(although the real estate inside a cell phone is awfully small and it depends on a UART of I2C bus to interface with the cellular modem). One has to look at the power requirements though. I have searched for a decent data sheet on the Navilink chip, but all I find are marketing materials that claim “low-power” without specifying how much power the chip consumes(which would affect battery life).

Aside: For those interested, GPS uses Phase Modulation, which is more resistant to additive noise compared to amplitude modulation.