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“Must read” article for C++ programmers looking at ObjC

See the article(and get the link here):


A couple of screenshots

Just a couple of screenshots for the two utilities I wrote and blogged about earlier. Of course, the UI and the application logic for both these apps needs a lot more polish to make them true Mac apps, but I am swamped with work. I did put them up on Google Code with a GPL license (see the original announcement above) if someone wanted to improve them. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger view.

cocoagcalc screenshot

visualdot screenshot showing usage of neato

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

–Isaac Newton

Well, it is that time of year again–university summer classes. I won’t update this blog as frequently as before, but I will try to post from time to time, depending on how much time I can free up.

I made two small Cocoa projects on Google Code which leverage existing code and tools(hence the quote above)



I have uploaded the code and binaries from a different machine instead of my Mac, so let me know if something is broken.


  1. Andreas Mayer for AMShellWrapper
  2. Greg Miller for gcalc

Things to look for when programming in Cocoa(using Objective-C)

For all the power you get from dynamic typing, you also get the power to really “hurt yourself”.Because Objective-C is dynamically typed, one must pay really close attention to the warnings the compiler generates. Often these “warnings” are the compiler telling you that something won’t work at runtime. For example, a common warning is something like(and these are my own words): “I am not sure this receiver accepts this message”. That means you are probably not sending the right message to the object (message \approx member function, receiver \approx object(pointer to the object). Also, pay close attention to the “Run Log” of Xcode when you are debugging. Any runtime exceptions, while cryptic at first, will make a lot of sense once you gain a bit of experience with Cocoa

Podcasts and Screencasts related to Aaron Hillegass’s book

Check it out.

Very Good Objective-C tutorial

Mr.Tristan O’Tierney has a very good ObjC tutorial(meant for C++ or Java programmers, really). Check it out here.