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Blog status update

Depending on how much free time I have(not much), I will investigate IT++ inĀ  detail and post any interesting results on it and using IT++ with Objective-C++.


Check out the other Cocoa port of Vim- MacVim


All my readers, thanks for tuning in. I am swamped with work this summer, so I don’t have a chance to post as frequently as before. I will post from time to time.

Apple Design Awards winners for 2007

Here is the list. After the hohum keynote, something positive.

Problem seeing the Box widget?

The Box widget disappeared for a little while this morning…which was weird. Anyway, should be fixed now.

Link to NPR’s coverage on Big Nerd Ranch Weblog

It is at the top of the page. I’ve already linked to the Big Nerd Ranch Weblog once: see this post for details. Once you get there, go to the newest page, obviously. The post there says that the coverage of BNR is the last three minutes of the Marketplace segment.

Boot Camp Update for Windows Vista

Allright, according to this article from macnewsworld, the latest boot camp update lets you dual-boot Vista along with Mac OS X(though I personally prefer OS X, I do have a few apps for which I have to use Windows.) I also write little-bitty Windows apps from time to time.