Mac OS X Coding is written by Chinmoy Gavini. This blog consists of my notes on native and cross-platform programming on Mac OS X.


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  1. what is Cocoa? sounds like a child’s Java. hahahaha i’m so funny. not really.

  2. Hey, how is it going?

    Cocoa is just Apple’s name for the ObjC API with which they wrote the “iApps”(iChat, iMovie, iTunesetc). It is interesting you mention “child’s Java” because Cocoa was originally the name of an unrelated programming framework for children by Apple. Cocoa in the contemporary context refers to the “sweetness factor” of the Mac’s ObjC API. Believe me, it is pretty sweet and well-designed(it was actually designed by NeXT engineers and then Apple bought NeXT and continued to improve the API and the ObjC language). For example, see https://gavmacprogramming.wordpress.com/?s=Speech .

    The original specification(but not the implementation) was open and it was called OpenStep, see OpenStep

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