Blog status update

Depending on how much free time I have(not much), I will investigate IT++ inĀ  detail and post any interesting results on it and using IT++ with Objective-C++.



(For Vim users) Check out the snippet expansion features.

Updated December 8th: Here is the link

Check out the other Cocoa port of Vim- MacVim

Check out the vim-cocoa branch of MacVim

There is an Intel binary here:

Once thing I noticed was that the startup time was good. The tabs drawer is missing, but seems to be a nice Cocoa port of Vim.

Feature added to RubyCocoa Regular Expression Checker

Get the new app in the Box widget (to your right). This version lets you see the string(or substring) that was matched. I have not tested this extensively. The usual disclaimers apply.


In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written much recently. I have been swamped with work during the summer. I will hopefully post more frequently starting in the middle of August.

Shrook, a free RSS and Atom reader for OS X

I’ve been using Shrook to efficiently keep track of the ‘blogosphere’. Check it out here. All you have to do to keep track of a new RSS feed, atom feed etc is to find the feed page for the blog and enter the URL after creating a new channel. If you use Firefox you can click the orange bubble in the URL field and this should tell you what the URL for the feed is. For example, the URL for this blog’s feed is:

Here is a screenshot of Shrook on my machine. Click on the thumbnail to get a bigger view.